Automotive Poly

Product Range

V-FIT Automotive Poly-V Belts are engineered with the highest-performance synthetic elastomers combined with reinforced fibers that ensure high heat resistance. These belts have the best transmission efficiency due to their characteristic multiple V-Ribs that deliver power from Engine Crank Shaft to Alternator/Dynamo, A/C Compressor, Power Steering Pump, and Water Pump.
V-FIT Automotive Poly-V Belts offers the widest range of applications in all new generation Cars, LCVs, HCV, tractors, and Off-Road Segment vehicles.
3 – 12 PK
Technical Specification
Section Top Width(mm) Height(mm) Length Range(mm)
3 PK 10.68 4.50 600-2800
4 PK 14.24
5 PK 17.80
6 PK 21.36
7 PK 24.92
8 PK 28.48
9 PK 32.04
10 PK 35.60