Raw Edge Cogged

Product Range

V-FIT Raw Edge Cogged Belts are engineered with high-performance synthetic elastomers that ensure high heat resistance. These belts have excellent wear resistance and bending stress resistance due to the cogged profile that enhances their durability.
V-FIT Raw Edge Cogged Belts are recommended in high-speed Industrial power transmission drives running 24 X 7 where critical machine designs that need high durability between changes. Also, the Raw Edge Cogged Belts are the most efficient replacement for Conventional Classical Wrapped belts at no cost for pulley change and smaller pulley drive designs. These belts are also applicable for drives in Agricultural Harvester Combines, Marine-Fishing Boat drives, etc.
Sections – FHPX, FMX, AX, BX, CX
Technical Specification
Section Top Width(mm) Height(mm) Angle(degree) Length Range(inch)
FHPX 9.70 6.00 38 25-75
FMX 9.70 8.00 25-75
AX 12.70 9.00 25-108
BX 16.70 11.00 25-106
CX 22.00 14.00 35-105