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V-FIT Wedge V-Belts are designed with premium quality ingredients to deliver a class of art performance for high speed and high torque drives with significant and solid transmission capabilities resulting in longer service life. Our belts are constructed with high tensile, stiffer polyester cords along with wear-resistance Cover Fabric. Wedge belts have a larger contact area than classical belts ensuring lesser number of belts where space and weight savings are critical.

V-FIT Wedge V-Belts cover a wide range of applications in every Industrial power transmission drive running 24 X 7. Since most new drives use universal pulleys, the classical belts can in most cases be replaced with wedge V-Belts, thereby achieving better power transmission and longer belt life. These belts are also applicable for drives in Agricultural Harvester Combines, Marine-Fishing Boat drives, etc
Wedge Sections – SPZ, SPA, SPB, SPC
Technical Specification
Section Top Width(mm) Height(mm) Angle(degree) Length Range(inch)
SPZ 9.70 8.00 38 600-1875
SPA 12.70 10.00 600-5000
SPB 16.70 13.00 600-15000
SPC 22.00 18.00 600-15000